Scuba Diving in South Australia

Freshwater Diving

Ewens Ponds

South Australia has some of the best freshwater diving in the country. Most divers would be familiar with the sinkholes near Mount Gambier, and the crystal clear Piccaninnie Ponds.  Most sinkholes and ponds require a permit and cave diving qualifications.  If you do not have qualifications to dive in these ponds, you may still obtain a permit to snorkel at Piccaninnie Ponds.  

Please contact the Cave Divers Association for more information on diving in sinkholes in SA. 


   ewens ponds

Ewens Ponds are a series of 3 ponds situated south of Mount Gambier, and this one can be dived by anyone with an open water certificate. Diving here requires no permit, just sensitivity to the fragile pond eco-system.


5 to 10 metres


Entry is easy via a platform on the edge of the main lake, a short walk from the car park.


Freshwater fish and lobsters, freshwater growth


The water is cold and visibility is unbelievably clear. You must be extremely careful with your buoyancy, since the bottom should not be disturbed. Stay a good metre above the bottom! 

It is possible to move through the first pond to two other ponds via the channel at the south end. The current through to these ponds will carry you quietly through gardens of freshwater weed.  Remember that you will have to swim or walk all the way back!


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